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We're a Husband and Wife team with years of experience in a creative capacity, who work together to create beautiful, engaging experiences for all our clients. We take pride in delivering only the best.

about us

We're a small, friendly and talented team. We craft beautiful weddings and videos for awesome clients from big to small all across the country.

  • Lana Ray

    Wedding Officiant

    Lana loves being active in the social community and loves making people happy. She always wanted to marry people so she became ordained so she could officiate weddings and was born.

  • Brett Ray


    Brett has many years’ experience in feature film, TV, commercials as well as music videos. Now he's decided to bring all that knowledge to your wedding video and make it the best it can be.


We believe that your event should not only be beautiful but actually provide you and your guests with a great experience that everyone will remember.


A beautiful ceremony needs to be complimented with a great officiant and Lana Ray will deliver. Our team will help ensure you get a unique custom service


A beautiful wedding needs to be complimented with a great video. Our video team will make sure you have a wonderful memory to last a lifetime. We have the equipment and experience to make your video a top notch production. We use multiple cameras and separate audio recording to ensure no moment is missed. We also have a jib crane for those unique unobstructed shots. Aerial shots can be done with our Quad copter.


We design beautiful one of a kind vows just for you and professional wedding videos and slide shows with many different packages available.

For You

At the heart of everything we do ultimately is for you. We take pride in our services and really work hard to give you the best wedding and memories possible. If you decide to put your faith, trust and wedding in our hands, we won't let you down.


We work with great people. Close partnerships with really cool clients help us do world-class work.

  • "Thank you for your awesome VIDEO. Such a joy to WORK with YOU AND SUCH ease. Good job"

    -Teresa Hubbs, Mr Tuxdeo &Bridal-

... We love ... what we do

We use cutting-edge tech, computers, cameras, sound and modern thinking to bring your wedding experience into the 21st century.

  • Consultation

    We want to sit down, meet with you and get to know you first. We want information about you, how you met, what you hope for the future. That way we can customize a ceremony just for you.

  • Design

    At Marry Us one of our goals is to give you a unique wedding and personal video that is designed to be shared with friends, family or the world. One that you and they will enjoy watching for years to come.

  • Your Experience

    A wonderful experience and your complete satisfaction is our goal. Our reputation means everything to us and we rely on you to help us spread the word and be successful. We are here for you.

Love is allowing yourself and your partner to mess up, make mistakes, accept them, help them and then wait for the next one with a smile

- Brett Ray -


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Marion, IL, United States


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